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Workshop on Neuro-Robotics for Patient-Specific Rehabilitation. Final Agenda.

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  • Workshop on Neuro-Robotics for Patient-Specific Rehabilitation. Final Agenda.

    ************************************************** **********************
    Workshop on Neuro-Robotics for Patient-Specific Rehabilitation. Final Agenda.

    July 18, 2014
    Centro Congressi Padova, Via Forcellini, 170/A, Padova, Italy


    15 – 19 July 2014.
    Padova and Venice, Italy.
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    Advances in neuro-rehabilitation robotics are enabling novel treatments and possibilities of recovery for individuals who suffered from loss of motor abilities. However, major challenges still remain in the field including: the current inability of personalizing the robotic device and treatment to the specific patient’s anatomy and disability, and the current inability of developing wearable robotic devices that can support the patient throughout balanced and unconstrained locomotion tasks.

    These challenges can be addressed if the discrepancy between the patient-specific anatomy and the robotics structure are minimized and if a strong interface is established between the robot and the patient’s neuromuscular system. This will enable the robotic device become a natural extension of the patient’s impaired limbs.

    This workshop will provide insights on these problems and challenges with perspectives from engineers and medical doctors. It will present novel methods for assessing the neural drive to muscles and predicting the resulting mechanical output in the human musculoskeletal system. It will discuss methods to predict how subjects interact with wearable assistive devices such as prostheses and orthoses and discuss methodologies for establishing strong, intuitive, and patient-specific human-machine interfaces.

    Final Agenda:

    Please find the final agenda at the following link: http://neurorob.nre.bccn.uni-goettin...dex.php?id=247

    Confirmed Invited Speakers:
    • Dr Marco Molinari (Santa Lucia Foundation, Italy)
      • "Patient-Specific vs Therapist-Specific Rehabilitation in Neuro-Robotics. The Clinical Perspective"

    • Dr Thierry Keller (Tecnalia, Spain)
      • "Title to be announced"

    • Dr Manish N. Sreenivasa (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
      • "From spiking neurons to continuous movements: Identifying neurophysiological morphology with scientific computing"

    • Dr Juan C. Moreno (CSIC, Spain)
      • "Methods for feature recognition and assessment of human-robot interaction during walking"

    • Dr Andrea Turolla (San Camillo Hospital, Italy)
      • "Title to be announced"

    • Prof. Dario Farina (UMG, Germany)
      • "Cortical Neural Plasticity induced by BCI-triggered lower-limb FES and exoskeletons"

    • Dr Massimo Sartori (UMG, Germany)
      • "Modeling the Neuromuscular Mechanisms underlying Human Movement and Human-Machine Interaction"

    Accepted Contributed Papers (will be presented orally):
    • Castellote J.M., Kofler M., Mayr A. and Saltuari L.
      • "Motor set modulates leg stiffness: analysis with an exoskeleton".

    • Contreras-Vidal J.L.
      • "Non-invasive Brain-Machine Interface Systems for Patient-specific Rehabilitation Robotics".

    • Durandau G. and Seleiman W.
      • "Preparatory Study for an Upper-limb Exoskeleton Using EMG Signals and Compliant Magnetorheological Motor".

    • Hughes C.M.L., Budhota A., Gamage W.G.K., Muhammad A., Dailey D., Hussain A, Burdet E. and Campolo D.
      • "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Designing Patient Specific Upper Extremity Robotic Rehabilitation Devices for Stroke Populations".

    • Bortoletto R., Pagello E. and Piovesan D.
      • "How different human muscle models affect the estimation of lower limb joint stiffness during running".

    • Costa A., Iáñez E., Úbeda A., Planelles D., Hortal E. and Azorin J.M.
      • "Experimental Setup and First Results of a BCI System for Attention Levels Classification During Gait".

    Important Dates:
    - Workshop at IAS-13 Conference: July 18.

    Workshop Organizers:
    - Dr Massimo Sartori (University Medical Center Goettingen, Germany)
    - Prof. Dario Farina (University Medical Center Goettingen, Germany)
    - Prof. Enrico Pagello (University of Padova, Italy)