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Optimising Orthopaedics: improving your 3D workflow - Aug. 27-28, Malaysia

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  • Optimising Orthopaedics: improving your 3D workflow - Aug. 27-28, Malaysia

    The medical field has experienced significant progress in using medical images to study conditions, plan surgeries, and assess surgical outcomes. Technology has facilitated this progress with 3D visualisation. These tools expedite and enhance preparation for a patient-based medical profession.

    The future of the medical device industry is increasingly dependent on medical image based engineering from R&D through custom implants. The development of accurate and meaningful 3D models and solutions can be a daunting task, but it can unlock new opportunities in medical device design in manufacturing, with the potential to put you ahead of your competitors. As innovators you can count on, Materialise's range of industrially-renowned software and services can provide you with dynamic capabilities for increased competitiveness in the future of orthopaedics.

    Read more on our website if you want to...

    • Learn to segment like an expert. Use the most advanced segmentation tools to get accurate 3D models in an efficient way.

    • Prepare for the customised devices boom. Learn the basics of designing patient-specific implants and guides.

    • Simulate real life. Create a high quality FEA mesh on your 3D geometry to simulate how future devices will behave in a patient’s daily life.