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Sixth Grand Challenge Competition to Predict In Vivo Knee Loads

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  • Sixth Grand Challenge Competition to Predict In Vivo Knee Loads

    Dear Musculoskeletal Modeling Research Community,

    We would like to inform you that the data for the Sixth Grand Challenge Competition to Predict In Vivo Knee Loads has now been posted on the website ( This final competition will be held as a journal-based competition through the ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.

    The goal of the Grand Challenge Competition is to advance the field of musculoskeletal modeling by quantitative evaluation of model-based estimates of muscle and contact force in the knee during gait using in vivo tibial contact force data collected from subjects implanted with force-measuring knee replacements. An overview of the competition data, including the two gait cycles to be used for the sixth competition, is contained in the file “Competition Data Description.pdf” available on The data for this year’s competition includes subject-specific geometric bone models that span from the hip to the ankle and pre-op and post-op CT data. Motion capture, ground reaction, EMG, and tibial contact force data were collected while the subject performed overground and treadmill walking under a variety of conditions. Fluoroscopic data were collected while the subject walked on the treadmill. Additional data (fluoroscopy trials and isometric strength trials) were also collected and will be released at a later date.

    Competitors who wish to participate in the Grand Challenge Competition need to submit a one-page abstract and blinded medial and lateral tibial contact force predictions for the competition gait trials. These items should be submitted by email to B.J. Fregly ( by April 15th, 2015. After this date, experimental contact force measurements will be released and competitors will have until October 15th, 2015 to generate un-blinded predictions and an associated JBME manuscript. Full details are provided in the “Competition Data Description.pdf” document on the competition website.

    The research team encourages others to use the data and models from all six Grand Challenge Competitions for their own research, publications, and grant proposals. If you use any competition data or models in any publications, please cite the following journal article:

    Fregly, B.J., Besier, T.F., Lloyd, D.G., Delp, S.L., Banks, S.A., Pandy, M.G., and D'Lima, D.D. (2012) Grand challenge competition to predict in vivo knee loads. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 30(4):503-513.

    We hope to see broad participation from the musculoskeletal modeling research community for this final competition. Please post any questions you have about the competition on the Public Forum of the competition website.

    Best regards,

    B.J. Fregly, University of Florida
    Allison Kinney, University of Dayton
    Darryl D’Lima, Shiley Center at Scripps Clinic
    Thor Besier, University of Auckland