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IEEE/RAS-EMBS ICORR 2015 - International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics

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  • IEEE/RAS-EMBS ICORR 2015 - International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics

    We are glad to invite you to the 14th edition of the IEEE/RAS-EMBS International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR 2015) , the biannual conference on theoretical and experimental issues in the fields of Rehabilitation Robotics and neuroscience applied to Healthcare. This year the conference will be held in Singapore and hosted by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on 11th-14th August 2015.
    The ICORR2015 will share the event with ICREATE (International Conference on REhabilitation and Assistive TEchnology) and SeriousGAMES conferences and they will run concurrently and in the same convention venue.
    The confluence of all stakeholders engineers, physicians, industry, government, patients, and caregivers will be unique but in line with United Nations 2012 unanimous decision to make healthcare and rehabilitation a human right.

    ICORR covers several disciplines with both theoretical and experimental challenges in robotics, control engineering and neuroscience applied to healthcare. Primary focus is to propose cutting edge solutions to boost the rehabilitation process, providing robotic assistance to address and speed motor recovery , trying to unveil the mechanisms underlying brain plasticity. Profound understanding of how neurological impairments can be treated reinserting people in the society is the main question we aim to answer with the purpose of providing the Health System with technological instruments to assist human beings in prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation and personal assistance.

    The technical program of IEEE ICORR2015 will be single track consisting of invited talks, special sessions, posters, and paper presentations. Furthermore for the first time this year a 1-day preconference tutorial will be organized to introduce the young students in the topic of rehabilitation robotics and neuromotor recovery.

    Papers can cover areas of Rehabilitation Robotics, Haptics, Assistive technology, behavioral studies and psychophysics :

    • Wearable assistive devices
    • Behavioral Neuroscience
    • Biologically-inspired assistive systems
    • Rehabilitation and assistive robotics
    • Human-machine interaction
    • Neuro-robotics
    • Prosthetic devices
    • Locomotion and manipulation assistance
    • Technology Assessment, Ethical and Social Implications

    The venue for the conference is the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, one of the most futuristic and dynamic cities of ASIA and all over the world.

    Wei Tech ANG (General Chair)
    Lorenzo MASIA(Scientific Programme Chair)

    Lorenzo MASIA, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor |
    School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Nanyang Technological University
    50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore
    Tel: (65) 6790-6239
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