Simpleware are providing free technical software seminars and demos at the Cleveland Clinic on Dec 7th and at Wright State University, Dayton, on Dec 8th.

Cleveland Clinic
Monday Dec 7th 2015
Room NA1-140, Cleveland Clinic - Learner Research Institute, 9620 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland OH

Wright State University
Tuesday Dec 8th 2015
Room 300, Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

Who should attend:

These technical seminars are aimed at those interested in visualizing, measuring, and meshing 3D image data to generate 3D Printing, CAD, and Finite Element models. We will demonstrate the ease of obtaining high fidelity meshes from 3D image data for a variety of applications, including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Consumer Products, Automotive, and Medical Devices.

You will learn how to:

Visualize and process data from a wide range of imaging modalities (CT, MicroCT, MRI...)
Obtain measurements and statistics such as porosity, volume, fracture dimensions...
Import and position CAD files within the image data
Calculate effective material properties of scanned samples
Directly export to all leading FE/CFD solvers, e.g. Comsol, Ansys, Abaqus...
Use Simpleware software for a variety of applications, e.g. materials science, reverse engineering, biomechanics, etc.

Bring your own data:

Attendees are also encouraged to bring or send their own image data to get personalized support during or after the seminars. All data will be treated confidentially, and a secure FTP site will be available before the seminars.


The seminars are FREE but pre-registration is required as places are limited.

Register for the Cleveland Clinic seminar:
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