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Summer School of Neurorehabilitation and the Demove symposium - Last 15 days to apply

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  • Summer School of Neurorehabilitation and the Demove symposium - Last 15 days to apply

    The Summer School of Neurorehabilitation and the Demove symposium come together!!!

    Last fifteen days to apply!!!

    2016 School and Symposium in Advanced Neurorehabilitation (SSNR2016)
    Baiona, Spain
    June 6-10


    Dear colleagues,

    On behalf of all the organizers it is our pleasure to invite you to the 2016 School and Symposium in Advanced Neurorehabilitation (SSNR2016) that will take place in Baiona (Spain) from June 6-10, 2016.

    SSNR2016 will provide in depth education on advanced procedures for neurorehabilitation of motor dysfunction, covering -at the basic and advanced levels- practical applications based on innovative neuroprosthetic systems, robotic interfaces and other combinational approaches. This year the Summer School of Neurorehabilitation and the Demove Symposium meet in an intense week to offer you exceptional opportunities to increase your skills and knowledge in the astonishing field of Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you in Baiona (Spain) on June 2016!


    - Registration -

    Prospective applicants to the School must fill in the Application Form by March 15, 2016. The admission to the School will be decided upon a selection made by the Steering Committee and availability. Earlier registrations will be given priority. Notification of the acceptance will be made by April 1, 2016. The School will begin with a welcome cocktail in the evening of the 5th of June (2016) and it will end on Friday, 10th June 2016.

    Participants to the Symposium can send their contributions by March 15, 2016. After a selection process, accepted articles will be announced to authors by April 1, 2016. The Symposium will take place on the 9th and 10th of June (2016). This Symposium is an integral part of the School, thus School applicants are encouraged to submit their contributions.

    - Important Deadlines and Registration Fees-

    School deadlines:

    Application: 15/3/2016
    Notification: 1/4/2016
    Payment: 1/5/2016
    Fee (School + Symposium + Half-board accommodation + Welcome Reception + Gala dinner + Social program): 1090 €

    Symposium deadlines:

    Submission: 15/3/2016
    Notification: 1/4/2016
    Final submission & payment: 1/5/2016
    General fee (Symposium + Lunch + Gala dinner + Social program): 450 €
    Students fee (Symposium + Lunch + Gala dinner + Social program): 300 €

    - Confirmed Plenary speakers-

    Prof. Thomas Sinkjaer, Aalborg University, Denmark (Keynote Speaker)
    Prof. John Rothwell, University College London, UK (Keynote Speaker)
    Prof. Dominique Durand, Case Western Reserve University, USA (Plenary Speaker)
    Dr. Oskar C. Aszmann, Vienna University, Austria
    (Plenary Speaker)
    Prof. José Principe. University of Florida, USA (Plenary Speaker)
    Prof. Zev Rymer. Northwestern University, USA(Plenary Speaker)
    Prof. Walter Paulus, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany (Plenary Speaker)
    Dr. Francesco Lacquaniti, Fondazione Santa Lucia – Rome, Italy (Plenary Speaker)
    Prof. David Lloyd, Griffith University – Brisbane, Australia (Plenary Speaker)
    Prof. Herman van der Kooij, University of Twente, The Netherlands (Plenary Speaker)
    Prof. Eric Perreault, Northwestern University, USA (Plenary Speaker)
    Prof. Etienne Burdet, Imperial College, UK (Plenary Speaker)

    -Confirmed Workshops-

    WS1 - Neural interfaces and Wearable robotics in rehabilitation: a clinical
    Organizer: Jose L. Pons, CSIC
    , Madrid, Spain

    WS2 - Muscle synergies: Looking into the CNS
    Organizer: Diego Torricelli, CSIC, Madrid, Spain

    WS3 - Human neuromusculoskeletal modeling
    Organizers: Massimo Sartori, University Medical Center Goettingen, and Monica Reggiani, University of Padova, Italy

    WS4 - Brain Computer Interfaces: principles and applications in neurorehabilitation
    Organizers: Arnau Espinosa, Guger Technologies OG, Graz, Austria

    WS5 - Virtual Reality and Gaming in Rehabilitation
    Organizers: A. Gil-Agudo & Iris Dimbwadyo, Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos de Toledo and Universidad La Salle, Madrid, Spain

    WS6 – DEMOVE Workshop on ‘Advanced EMG Processing for Man-Machine Interfacing in Neurorehabilitation’
    Organizers: S. Muceli, F. Negro, U. S. Yavuz, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany

    WS7 – Effect of functional devices on body representation. The neurobiological aspects of embodiment
    Organizers: Marco Molinari, IRCCS Fondazione S. Lucia, Rome, Italy

    For further and up-to-date information, please visit the conference website:

    Prof. D. Farina & Prof. José L. Pons

    Co-Chairs SSNR2016