Neural Control of Movement Pre-Meeting Symposium:
The roles of Proprioception and Vision in Perception and Action: Basic Science
and Clinical Applications May 1, 2017 Dublin, Ireland

Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Cole

This symposium is designed to develop an interactive environment among leaders in the
field addressing sensory control of movement in order to identify critical scientific andclinical directions for the future. The symposium will start off with a Keynote presentationby Jonathan Cole, author of “Pride and a Daily Marathon”, who will discuss his work withIan Waterman, a patient who has learned to live without proprioception. Four sessions,will address the following topics: 1) The role of proprioception in perception or action, 2)The role of vision in perception or action, 3) The integration of vision and proprioceptionfor perception and action, 4) Clinical applications to stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease,and amputations. Each session will be followed by a panel discussion. Posters areinvited and will be presented during lunch and following the symposium, during a cocktailsession. The satellite is organized by T. Richard Nichols and Robert Sainburg. Speakersinclude: Simon Gandevia, Richard Nichols, Fabrice Sarlegna, Melvyn Goodale, SimonaMonica, Jason Gallivan, Scott Frey, Phillip Sabes, Stephen Scott, Robert Sainburg, MarkLatash, Sean Dukelow, Lewis Wheaton, Timothy Cope, and Juergen Konczak.
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