Call for Abstracts - WCB 2018 Special Session - Uncertainty Modeling and Propagation

Special session: Modelling uncertainty and propagation of data for biomechanics systems at the 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, to be held in Dublin, Ireland, July 8-12, 2018.

The aim of this special session will be to present the methodological and applicative contributions of uncertainty quantification in modeling and simulating complex biomechanical systems. It is well known that uncertainties on the experimental data exist from several factors such as human variability or differences in protocols parameters and techniques. Thus, the true values of these data could never be measured or estimated. These uncertainties are extremely important and need to be accounted to provide reliable simulation results, especially in the framework of in silico medicine. Thus, this session will contribute into the promotion of uncertainty modeling and propagation studies to provide reliable simulation outcomes for clinical decision making. This is also the opportunity to share the new research ideas and findings as well as to explore recent developments in this field.

The deadline for abstract submission is 19 December 2017. You can find more details on the conference website:
When you submit your abstract, please select the Emerging Areas or Multiscale Biomechanics tracks, and then select the Modelling uncertainty and propagation of data for biomechanics systems"