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Invitation for abstracts for a special session at IROS 2018

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  • Invitation for abstracts for a special session at IROS 2018

    ____Initial call for contribution____

    A special session on exoskeleton is being proposed for IROS 2018 to be held from October 1st-5th, 2018 in Madrid, Spain.


    Dear members of the robotics, biomechanics and exoskeleton community we invite you to submit and participate in this year's special session on exoskeletons at IROS 2018.
    Further information regarding the special session is given below.

    ____ Special Session Theme for IROS 2018______

    Special Session: Symbiotic Exoskeletons: Exploring the human side

    This special session for IROS 2018 will explore why robotics is no longer restricted to quintessential robotics engineering but strives for the perfect integration between the human and the robot. As wearbale robotics is slowly integrating into our lives, the advances made in the field of exoskeletons seem to have a symbiotic relationship.

    The aim is to discuss this symbiotic relationship between the exoskeleton and the end user. Concepts in engineering can be successfully integrated with biomechanics to create unique and cost-effective exoskeletons that can augment movements and/or act as a therapeutic tool.

    This session proposes to put forth state of the art scientific contributions from both academia and industry to address human mobility issues worldwide. The scientific contributions aim to tackle biomechanical as well as control issues when envisioning the exoskeleton. A true symbiotic relationship can be achieved by looking into the human side of exoskeletons and engage in meaningful discussions for further advancement in this field.

    ______Call for scientific contribution ___________

    We welcome initial abstracts (max 2 pages extended). Once the session is accepted, the papers under this session will undergo a strict review process by March 1, 2018, and if accepted will be published in the proceedings.

    Abstract submission deadline: 16th January 2018.
    Please include a short biography of the contributing authors.

    Acceptance of session: 9th February 2018
    Paper submission deadline: 1st March 2018

    Papers are solicited in the following areas of exoskeleton research

    - Exoskeletons for impaired population
    - Augmenting human performance
    - Metabolic cost reduction
    - Control and design implementation
    - Standards of reporting for exoskeleton research

    Please submit your papers via email:

    ____Organisers for the special session_______

    Dr. Elena Garcia(Co-founder of Marsi Bionics ) and Dr. Amartya Ganguly (Innovation Associate of Horizon 2020 Program, Marsi Bionics)

    Thank you and best wishes. Looking forward to your scientific contributions.