Model validation using the anatomical reachable 3-D workspace

The application of musculoskeletal models in biomechanical studies, clinical context and for virtual prototyping and testing has been increasing lately. Along with this comes the need for well-performing subject-specific models capable of replicating the subjectís strength.

A new validation metric, the reachable 3-D workspace, will be addressed in this webcast, aiming to evaluate the performance of upper extremity musculoskeletal models.

Initially, an experimental movement protocol will be presented, and the consequent computational procedures explained. The performance of standard geometrically and length-mass-fat scaled models will be investigated. Lastly, results obtained from strength-scaled models using simple dynamometric measurements will be presented and discussed.

Presented by:
Miguel Nobre Castro, MSc, Biomedical Engineer, Ph.D. Student at Aalborg University.

Presented twice 26 April. Seating is limited, so sign up now.