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APTA CSM meeting - hacked?

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  • APTA CSM meeting - hacked?

    This is just an alert for all potential exhibitors, and possibly attendees, at the CSM meeting in DC next year.

    I received an email this morning containing an invoice for the CSM meeting - it was addressed to the right person, appeared to be sent from the exhibitor organizers, and contained a document that pretended to be an invoice but was actually a Trojan that, had we opened it, would have infected our computers. Of course we get these sorts of infection attempts every day but what's worrying about this one is that they addressed the email to the right people who work with the APTA exhibit management company to organize meetings - clearly, at a minimum, someone has obtained a list of exhibitors at the CSM together with their contact details.

    This suggests that someone working with the CSM meeting has been hacked.