Advanced Musculoskeletal Modeling with Emphasis on Exoskeletons and IMU drivers
On-site course at Aalborg University in Denmark, 18-22 March 2019

This Ph.D. course introduces techniques for modeling of musculoskeletal systems based on multibody dynamics. Unlike most courses in the field, this one takes a bottom-up approach beginning multibody kinematics and ending with analysis of complex and anatomically realistic models.

The first day of the course contains a general introduction to musculoskeletal modeling, but participants must be prepared to study the subject in preparation for the course. The remainder focuses on advanced topics on the forefront of research.

The participants must install the AnyBody Modeling System and familiarize themselves with the system prior to the course. Software licenses will be provided.

Michael Skipper Andersen, Mark de Zee, John Rasmussen

Registration here. Deadline: 25. February 2019