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ESB Webinar Series - Learn How to use SimVascular

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  • ESB Webinar Series - Learn How to use SimVascular

    Learn How to use SimVascular: the open source pipeline for cardiovascular modeling
    We are delighted to announce our first webinar of the ESB Webinar Series. The webinar will take place on June 11th 2019 at 17:00 CET. In this webinar, we are going to explore an open source software package to simulate and analyze the cardiovascular system. SimVascular is the only fully open source software package providing a complete pipeline from medical image data segmentation to patient specific blood flow simulation and analysis.Presentation will be given by Mr. Gabriel Maher. Gabriel is a PhD Student at the Cardiovascular Biomechanics Computation lab at Stanford University, his research is focused on deep learning for cardiovascular medical imaging and he is one of the core developers of the SimVascular projectDuring the webinar, we will explore together with the developers the features and abilities of the software and the procedure of building and analyzing a complete cardiovascular model.More specifically, you will learn how to use SimVascular to:
    • Build 3D patient-specific cardiovascular models
    • Run computational blood flow simulations
    • Visualize and analyze simulation data

    and become familiar with the features of the software such as:
    • Image Analysis: volume rendering, image denoising, edge detection
    • Model Construction: level set segmentation, model repair tools
    • Meshing: radius-based and boundary layer meshing, adaptive mesh refinement
    • Simulation: deformable walls, variable mechanical properties, highly parallelized solver
    • Machine learning to accelerate vascular segmentation
    • Python interface
    • Automated pipeline for 1D simulations
    • Enhanced capabilities for 3D segmentation

    You will have the chance to ask your questions which will be addressed by the instructors at the end of the webinar. However, it would be great if you could send your question in advance while filling the registration form or by sending to and/or before the start of the webinar.Click hereto register for the webinar.June 11th, 2019
    17:00 CET
    Live on ESB Youtube Channel – Please Subscribe! (
    Looking forward to your attendance.

    ESB Student Committe