Hello All,

We are excited to announce the “Learn to Move: Walk Around” challenge, one of the official competitions of NeurIPS 2019! Develop a controller for a 3D human musculoskeletal simulation model to walk around. Compete in the tracks of 1) best performance, 2) most novel machine learning solution, or 3) most novel biomechanics solution. Visit the competition page (https://bit.ly/2Kt3Pxs) for details.

The competition can be a good opportunity to learn cutting edge machine learning techniques (e.g. deep reinforcement learning) for those with biomechanics and neuroscience background. The competition started in 2017 in the machine learning community, and we plan to expand it to address biomechanics and motor control problems in the next few years. Join our mission is to bridge researchers from neuroscience, biomechanics, robotics, and machine learning to model neuro-muscular-skeletal dynamics of human movement!

Seungmoon Song
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University