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National biomechanics day 2020 registration now open

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  • National biomechanics day 2020 registration now open

    Registration for NBD 2020 is open: Click Here

    Dear Friends, Fellow Biomechanists, and Everyone Else The World Over,

    National Biomechanics Day will celebrate Biomechanics in its unique and effervescent manner… for the FIFTH CONSECUTIVE year in April 2020. We have reached over 29,000 high school students the past four years and for 2020 alone we will breakthrough with 30,000 students learning about Biomechanics all around the world. How is this possible? Effortlessly through your continued support and love for all things Biomechanics. We truly hope this is the year that EVERYONE in Biomechanics joins our initiative to increase the impact of Biomechanics and enable Biomechanics to help more people.

    NBD 2020 regstration is HERE

    For more info: contact Paul DeVita, & see our website: HERE

    National Biomechanics Day, Where Science Meets Fun and The Breakthrough Science of the 21st Century

    The official NBD 2020 date is April 8 but you can hold your NBD on another date that best suits you. We can supply many materials to help you create an NBD event…which can be as simple as: invite high school students to your lab, show them cool Biomechanics, and tell them a bit about National Biomechanics Day.

    Some great links:
    NBD Guidelines: HERE
    NBD 2019 Summary: HERE
    NBD 2019 Videos: HERE. They are really fantastic!

    The photos are a few highlights from NBD 2019 in the U.S., Brazil, and Pakistan.

    We have celebrated Biomechanics with many people but this year, we ask all Biomechanists, Everyone, to join us and create a worldwide explosion of Biomechanics.

    Thank you, everyone,
    Paul DeVita
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