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  • National Biomechanics Day's New Website

    NBD 2020 - Blue.PNG

    Hello Biomechanists Everywhere,

    Today we announce National Biomechanics Day’s new parent organization and new website. The Biomechanics Initiative, LLC is a non-profit organization that will operate NBD but will also serve the Biomechanics community through other outreach, scholarship, and grant opportunities. Please visit our new website Here and explore the varied Biomechanics throughout its pages. You will love the NBD 2019 videos on the NBD Archives. Well, I love ‘em!

    Please also see our many 2020 Sponsors and the links to their websites.

    Thank you very much for your support. We have reached over 29,000 high school students in 2016-2019. Please join NBD 2020 and help us reach this amount in 2020 alone!!! Register at our website, Here and help increase the impact of Biomechanics on people’s lives.

    Paul DeVita, Ph.D.
    Founder and Director, National Biomechanics Day
    NBD Posters 2020 - International.jpg

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    Re: National Biomechanics Day's New Website

    It is very impressive and successful idea. Thank you, Paul, for your passion and energy!

    Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Biomch-L Co-moderator