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ORS 2020 RIG - F.A.I.R.ness and Credibility in Computational Biomechanics

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  • ORS 2020 RIG - F.A.I.R.ness and Credibility in Computational Biomechanics

    ORS 2020 - Research Interest Group (RIG)
    F.A.I.R.ness and Credibility in Computational Biomechanics

    Sunday, February 9
    6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    Ahmet Erdemir, PhD, Cleveland Clinic
    Carl Imhauser, PhD, Hospital for Special Surgery

    Simulation is a highly effective tool in orthopaedic research and naturally it has been adapted increasingly in the biomechanics community. There is a large variety of resources (data, software, models, and workflows) to leverage computational modeling in scientific studies. However, the need to ensure these resources are F.A.I.R. (findable, accessible, interoperable, reproducible) is pressing. Similarly, procedures to establish and communicate credibility of computational models and simulations are fragmented. The goal is to establish a platform where computational biomechanics enthusiast can organize, communicate, share resources and experiences, and promote effective and appropriate use of simulation for scientific discovery and healthcare. A brief presentation will summarize the main concepts and current landscape followed by a panel discussion with panelists across the spectrum of academic generations, from students to established investigators.

    • To promote computational modeling as an indispensable tool in orthopaedics research
    • To identify resources for more unified and effective computational modeling in orthopaedics
    • To build a community of modelers in orthopaedics
      • To understand the needs of modeling community
      • To influence incorporation of modeling sessions in ORS meetings
      • To mobilize for the next grand challenge

    After the overwhelmingly positive response to last year’s ORS 2019 workshop on Reproducibility in Modeling and Simulation of the Knee, we are keen to discuss F.A.I.R.ness and Credibility in Computational Biomechanics with interested attendees. If you cannot make the ORS2020 conference or the RIG time slot, please feel free to message with your contact information and interests in this area and we will do our best to share relevant material from the RIG.

    More information on F.A.I.R principles can be found here: