Free webcast: Spinal Loading During Lifting Using Inertial Motion Capture
Time: Thursday 19 March at 4 PM EDT / 9 PM CET
Presenter: Frederik Greve Larsen Cand.Scient.Tech., Aalborg University

The aim of the study was to evaluate the concurrent validity of a musculoskeletal model driven exclusively using inertial measurement units and ground reaction force prediction for estimating low back forces during various lifting tasks.
The results were compared to a standard analysis approach with a musculoskeletal model driven with reflective markers and measured ground reaction forces. The results interestingly showed inertial measurement units can be used to drive a musculoskeletal model, and therefore compute low back loading during manual material lifting.
We believe that this methodology can be highly useful for estimating relative low back loading under dynamic conditions during manual material handling in the field.

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