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Webinar: Automated Heart Segmentation with Simpleware AS Cardio

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  • Webinar: Automated Heart Segmentation with Simpleware AS Cardio

    Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 - 8am-9am BST and 5pm-6pm BST

    Join this webinar to learn about the new AS Cardio module, the latest addition to our growing AI/ML Auto Segmenter family. AS Cardio provides an easy-to-use tool to automatically segment hearts from CT. You will see how to segment blood pool cavities and muscle tissue, as well as position common key landmarks with just a few mouse clicks. Simpleware AS Cardio is specifically designed to streamline workflows for pre-surgical planning and medical device design.

    In this webinar you will learn how to:
    • Significantly reduce segmentation time
    • Achieve consistent and reliable results
    • Efficiently process large numbers of datasets

    Who should attend?
    This webinar is aimed at new and existing users of Simpleware software who want to accelerate image-to-model workflows. You will see the new tools in action and are able to ask questions at the end of the webinar. Register to attend live or watch a recording at your convenience.

    Register here