The ASB East Coast Planning Committee has elected to hold our 2020 regional meeting virtually from October 4-11. The meeting will offer a variety of flexible programming options by highlighting research in various stages and allowing for an interactive dialogue on the current challenges in our field. Our goal is to offer a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous programming to allow attendees to participate at their convenience. These options will be made available at a minimal cost to meeting attendees over a week-long period.
While we still cannot meet in the traditional face-to-face format due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to take this opportunity to face these challenging times as a local biomechanics community. We invite you all to come together for a dialogue that includes biomechanics research but also features the societal and cultural challenges that we are all facing today.
This year’s meeting will feature:
  • Scientific idea-sharing forums to discuss biomechanics research in all stages
  • Interactive discussion of BIPOC inclusion and access in biomechanics
  • Remote education strategies in biomechanics
Please see below for more specific information regarding our tentative program. We hope that you will consider submitting to our upcoming meeting. Presentation proposals will be due in mid-August after the ASB Annual Meeting. Please see our website for more information regarding submission types and templates.
We hope to resume our traditional science-focused regional meeting in the spring. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding our upcoming meetings. Below is a tentative agenda for the meeting:
BIPOC Inclusion and Access in Biomechanics: From Awareness to Action
Representation and Equity of the BIPOC Community in the Classroom (Talks+Panel)
An HBCU’s Request for Elevating BIPOC in STEM (Keynote)
Taking Action in Our Communities – Biomechanics and STEM Outreach Action Items – identification, inclusion, and course creation (Panel)
Greater Representation of BIPOC Perspectives in Biomechanics Research (Talks)
Student Experiences as BIPOC in Biomechanics (Student Panel)
Biomechanics Virtual Outreach Student Competition (Contest)
Remote Learning in Biomechanics
Best Practices for Teaching Biomechanics Online (Workshop)
What Works and What Doesn’t for Teaching Biomechanics Online (Discussion)
Student Discussion on Remote Learning in Biomechanics (Panel)
Idea Sharing (3-Minute Video Presentations)
Undergraduate Research (Projects and Theses)
Grad Student Research (Proposals)
Graduating Student’s Research (Theses and Dissertations)
Early Career Research
In Search of Collaborator
Program Chair & Webmaster
Dr. Joseph M. Mahoney

Conference Chair
Dr. Micah D. Josephson

Conference Chair
Dr. James O’Donohue

Program Chair
Dr. Allison Altman-Singles

Dr. John Drazan