Interesting webinar about the whole process of creating an ergonomic assessment, starting with recording, kinematic analysis, dynamic analysis and ergonomic assessment.

Overview of the Webinar:
1- Starting with a talk by Jonas Bornmann from Ottobock giving a view about the industrial exoskeletons Ottobock Paexo Shoulder and how to record motion capture in an industrial setting.
2 - Following by an overview on the motion capture data processing to acquire accurate and reliable kinematic data giving by
Maria Joćo Cabral from Xsens.
3 - Sequentially, there will be a talk about how to import the kinematic data from Xsens and perform a dynamic analysis of the movement by AnyBody given by Pavel Galibarov.
4 - Finishing with a overview on how to create a valuable ergonomic assessment with the process referred before with the talk given by Prof. Dr. Lars Fritzsche from imk automotive GmbH.

Date: 11th of November, 10:30 - 12:00 (CET)
Price: FREE
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