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BioRob 2020 Workshop on Community-Based Rehabilitation Research using Wearable Devices 29 Nov 2020

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  • BioRob 2020 Workshop on Community-Based Rehabilitation Research using Wearable Devices 29 Nov 2020

    Dear Colleagues,
    We are pleased to invite you to attend the workshop “Community-Based Rehabilitation Research using Wearable Devices” which will be held November 29, 2020 as part of the IEEE BioRob Conference. Attendance is free for all. Workshop details including the Zoom link are available on the workshop website and the conference website.
    The objective of the workshop is to provide an educational perspective not only on the deployment of wearable devices outside the laboratory setting but also to ensure that high quality research can be achieved with such endeavors. The workshop will include talks from experts in a variety of fields of wearable devices discussing their innovative and exciting research. The format will follow the conference format (online synchronous) and recordings of the talks will be available online after the workshop.

    Workshop Date & Time: November 29, 2020. 16:20-19:00 (Eastern / New York Time)

    Confirmed Speakers & Topics
    Michael Goldfarb, PhD, Professor
    Vanderbilt University
    Topic: Lower Limb Exoskeleton Control for Poorly-Ambulatory Individuals

    He (Helen) Huang, PhD, Professor
    Minhan Li, Graduate Student
    North Carolina State University
    Topic: Personalizing Wearable Robot Control via Reinforcement Learning

    Hyung-Soon Park, PhD, Associate Professor
    Topic: Community based upper-limb rehabilitation program using an AI-based smart watch interface

    Jonghyun Kim, PhD, Associate Professor
    Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
    Topic: A novel in-home spasticity assessment system using wearable sensors

    Thomas C. Bulea, PhD, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center
    Topic: Open-Source Tools for Robotic Interfacing and Data Collection outside the Laboratory Setting

    Hao Su, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Mhairi MacLean, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
    City University of New York
    Topic: New Actuation Paradigm for High-Performance Wearable Robots

    Seungmoon Song, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Stanford University
    Topic: Exoskeletons and Prosthetic Limbs that Enhance Human Performance

    Workshop Organizers
    Dr. Thomas C. Bulea, National Institutes of Health (
    Dr. Hao Su, City University of New York (