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Webinar: 5 DOTs, millions of applications on March 23rd 2021

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  • Webinar: 5 DOTs, millions of applications on March 23rd 2021

    Together with the Xsens DOT community - a community of brilliant people with inspiring ideas - we organize the online developer conference 5 DOTs millions of applications on March 23rd, 2021.

    We invite you to this special all-digital conference to hear the most exciting stories from our partners and customers and to learn how Xsens DOT can make your dream a reality. We will demonstrate how Xsens DOT transforms different industries, what challenges we face and how Xsens DOT helps address them.

    We will discuss the following topics:
    • Wearable Technology and Machine Learning: Active Injury Prevention
    • Rehabilitation with IMUs and Biofeedback
    • Sensory Motion Tracking: The Future of Human Digital Interaction
    • Digitizing the Global Fan Language for Fans
    • Addressing Musculoskeletal Conditions with Wearable Technology
    • Xsens DOT: Powering the Future of Fitness Technology
    • Change the Entire Wearable Tech Landscape: Exonetics & The Keys to Success
    • Wearable Technology in Education

    Join the conference to learn about the millions of possibilities! Register here for free.

    xsens dot conference-01.png
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