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WearRAcon 21 Virtual (April 27-29, 2021)

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  • WearRAcon 21 Virtual (April 27-29, 2021)

    Register for WearRAcon 21 Virtual to hear from Dr. Daniel Ferris, Robert W. Adenbaum Professor of Engineering Innovation, University of Florida as he presents...
    Pathways to Advancing Robotic Exoskeletons and Bionic Prostheses

    Robotic hardware technology for exoskeletons and prostheses is advancing at a fast rate, but controllers are limiting success. Current control approaches have not limited overall performance due to how the nervous system views robotic assistance. The human brain normally predicts movement dynamics before motion occurs. This allows it to differentiate expected motion patterns and sensory feedback from perturbations. Robotic exoskeletons and prostheses that have unpredictable, independent controllers are viewed as independent agents or perturbations by the nervous system rather than being embodied into the human's schema.

    Dr. Ferris will present results from his laboratory that suggests embodied controllers of robotic exoskeletons and prostheses are necessary for achieving optimal success. He will lay out pathways that can lead to developing better devices for the future.

    Join us on Wednesday, April 28th at 10:00am (EDT) to learn more!
    NOTE: If you have questions about registration, please contact