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SageMotion Early Career Travel Award for ASB 2023 ($1000 USD)

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  • SageMotion Early Career Travel Award for ASB 2023 ($1000 USD)

    SageMotion is excited to support an Early Career Travel Award to attend the 2023 American Society of Biomechanics conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. This competitive award of $1000 USD is open to early career faculty (pre-tenure), postdocs, and PhD students and can be used to support conference registration, travel, and/or accommodation costs. To apply, submit your idea of how wearable haptic feedback could significantly improve human movement in a meaningful biomechanics application:


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    Deadline is May 31!


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      Huge congrats to Katie Knaus, winner of the $1000 SageMotion Early Career Travel Award for ASB 2023!​

      Dr. Katie Knaus is an incoming Assistant Professor in mechanical engineering at Colorado School of Mines. Katie is completing a postdoctoral fellowship with the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at UC San Diego. Katie received her BS in mechanical engineering and physics and PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Virginia. Her research applies biomechanical principles leveraging experiments and computational modeling to study muscle structure-function relationships in human movement and adaptation to improve mobility and health.

      Her idea was to use haptic feedback to modulate human movement during resistance exercise training to study muscle biomechanics in different modes of exercise. Using haptic feedback to investigate controlled resistance exercise will provide novel insights into the biomechanics driving muscle adaptation in response to training. Haptic feedback applied to resistance exercise training will impact not only their fundamental understanding of the biomechanics of exercise, but also has potential for applications in addressing problems in human mobility that might be addressed with exercise prescription.