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FULL PROGRAM of BONe InTerdisciplinary sympOSium 2023 (BONITOS 2023)

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  • FULL PROGRAM of BONe InTerdisciplinary sympOSium 2023 (BONITOS 2023)

    We are pleased to announce the FULL PROGRAM of the BONe InTerdisciplinary sympOSium 2023 (BONITOS 2023) that will occur in Lyon on June 2, 2023.

    BONITOS is an open-access (free for all) symposium that brings together bone tissue experts from all disciplines (biology, biomechanics, mathematics, et cetera) in one place. To discuss bone in all its research approaches, we propose a hybrid symposium open to all and hope to strengthen international collaborations. After New York (USA) in 2022, we are very proud to welcome the third edition in Lyon. The idea of BONITOS is to remain accessible for all those who want to know more about bone research and to share knowledge without borders. BONITOS is on-site or online, as you like!

    REGISTRATION OPEN ( free but mandatory)

    Scientific FULL PROGRAM : ​
    • SESSION 1: Computer Methods in Orthopaedics and Bone Research One keynote, two talks, and one workshop chaired by Dr. H. Follet
    KEYNOTE Dr. G. Huber Hamburg University of Technology. Right answer; wrong question
    Dr. A. Levillain Eiffel University Failure load prediction of metastatic femur: numerical modeling and mechanical characterization
    Dr. T. Grenier National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon Deep learning for image analysis of bones: segmentation, denoising, and more

    1 H WORKSHOP Dr. C. Baron French National Centre for Scientific Research Bone cells stimulated by ultrasound. Finite Element modeling of wave propagation in a Petri dish
    • SESSION Bonitos Price Poster 5 Posters chaired by Dr. L. Pujo-Menjouet
    • SESSION 2 : Recent Advances in Bone and Mineral Research 1 keynote and 4 talks chaired by Dr. J-Ph Berteau
    KEYNOTE Dr. Emeritus F. Peyrin National Institute for Health and Medical Research The present and future in X-Ray CT bone imaging
    Dr. C. Acevedo University of Utah Effect of lactation on spatial mineral distribution in murine bone
    Dr. G. Uzer (online) Boise State University Disruption of LINC complex in osterix positive protenigors results in decreased osteogenesis and trabecular architecture
    Dr. A. Chekroun University of Tlemcen Predicting Bone Mineralization by using a Stiffness-Dependent Gene Regulation Model
    Dr. R. Gauthier French National Centre for Scientific Research Osteocytes perilacunar and pericellular matrices as determinants of bone integrity
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