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Motor Control 2024 - VI International Scientific Conference, Poland

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  • Kajetan Slomka
    Important dates:
    • Start of the abstracts submission: 23.01.2024
    • Abstract’s submission deadline: 01.05.2024
    • Acceptance of abstracts to: 31.05.2024
    • Early registration: to 31.05.2024
    • Late registration: from 01.06.2024
    • Paper’s submission deadline: 30.06.2024

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  • Motor Control 2024 - VI International Scientific Conference, Poland

    Dear colleagues,

    We cordially invite you to participate in the "Motor Control 2024 – From Theories to Applications" International Scientific Conference, scheduled for 18-20 September in Wisła, Poland. Since its inception in 2000, the conference has consistently attracted distinguished researchers in the field of motor control, who have made significant contributions to its advancement.

    The main conference topics are:
    • Neural basis of movement
    • Impaired motor control and rehabilitation
    • Postural control and locomotion
    • Motor learning and variability of movement
    • Perception, cognition and action in virtual reality
    • Reaching and grasping control
    • Aging and motor control
    During our conference we will have a chance to listen outstanding scientists from all over the globe:[LIST][*]Evangelos A. Christou - University of Florida, USA[*]Anatol Feldman - University of Montreal, Canada[*]CJ Heckman - Northwestern University, USA[*]Michael W. Jakowec - University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA[*]Mark Latash - Pennsylvania State University, USA[*]Mindy Levin - McGill University, Canada[*]Monica Perez - Northwestern University, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, USA[*]Marco Santello - Arizona State University, USA[*][FONT=Arial]Gregor Sch
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