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PRE PROGRAM RELEASE **Exciting BONITOS Pre-Program Release!**

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  • PRE PROGRAM RELEASE **Exciting BONITOS Pre-Program Release!**

    **Exciting BONITOS Pre-Program Release!**

    **Announcement of Keynote Address by Professor Sandra Sheflebine (Northeastern University)**

    We are thrilled to announce that Professor Sandra Sheflebine, a distinguished figure in Biomedical Engineering at Northeastern University, will deliver a keynote address at our upcoming event! With extensive expertise and groundbreaking research in orthopedics and biomechanics at the intersection of engineering and medicine, Professor Sheflebine promises to deliver insights that will shape the future of Bone and Orthopedics.

    **Talks by Dr. Anthony Lau (The College of New Jersey) and Pr. Glenn Webb (Vanderbilt University)**

    In addition to the keynote address by Professor Sheflebone, we are honored to present talks by two esteemed scholars:

    **Dr. Anthony Lau** from The College of New Jersey, whose research spans interdisciplinary fields and bone research, promising enlightening discussions on the convergence of technology (laser) and healthcare.

    **Pr. Glenn Webb** from Vanderbilt University, a renowned authority in his field, will share his profound insights into cutting-edge advancements in mathematical approach and orthopedics, addressing osteoporosis and bone remodeling imbalance.

    These talks will spark captivating discussions and pave the way for innovative solutions in biomedical engineering and beyond.

    Stay tuned for further updates, and join us for an enlightening experience at our upcoming event!

    Let's shape the future of orthopedics!​