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EMBC Workshop on Best Practices for Designing Robotic Exoskeletons

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  • EMBC Workshop on Best Practices for Designing Robotic Exoskeletons

    EMBC Full Day Workshop (Monday, July 15th, 8:30 am-5:30 pm,

    Title: Best Practices for Designing New Exoskeletons and Exosuits
    Summary: Despite an increasing number of exoskeletons and exosuits being developed around the world, there is a lack of information and consensus on best practices for the engineering design process for these wearable technologies. There is a plethora of publications describing specific devices and testing of the devices, but a dearth of publications on how to design the devices. We will bring together experts on exoskeletons and exosuits to discuss their experiences designing wearable technology for assisting human movement. The overall goal is to highlight, document, and rate the best engineering practices for developing exoskeletons and exosuits given principles of engineering and current understanding of human biomechanics and control. The discussion and debate will include preparation of a review manuscript for submission to an EMBC journal.
    Rationale: There has been a large focus over the last 20 years on new exoskeletons and exosuits for assisting human movement, but there does not exist any literature outlining the best practices for designing and building exoskeletons and exosuits. There has been a push by ASTM International and others to generate consensus standards for exoskeleton and exosuit “safety, quality, performance, ergonomics and terminology for systems and components during the full life cycle of the product – from before usage, to maintenance, to disposal – including, security and information technology considerations” ( This workshop will bring together experts to address the missing information on device design and build consensus for a review paper in an EMBC journal for broad dissemination of the workshop findings.

    Workshop Schedule
    8:45 am Introduction to Workshop and History of Exoskeletons, Dan Ferris, U. of Florida
    9:30 am Leveraging Human Biomechanics Data to Guide Optimal Design of Lower-Limb Wearable Robots, Greg Sawicki, Georgia Tech
    10:15 am Best Practices for Designing Robotic Exoskeletons, Nicole Esposito, Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
    11:00 am Mechanical Phantoms to Evaluate Exoskeletons, Sebastian Barrutia, U. of Florida
    11:45 am Audience Questions and Comments on Workshop Outside of Scope of Morning Talks, Moderated by He (Helen) Huang, North Carolina State U./U. of North Carolina
    12:30 pm LUNCH
    1:30 pm Harnessing Human Neuromotor Learning in Exoskeleton Design, Meghan Huber, University of Massachusetts Amherst
    2:15 pm Iterative Exoskeleton Design, Karl Zelik, Vanderbilt University
    3:00 pm Role of Computer Simulations to Optimize Exoskeleton Engineering, Raziel Riemer, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    3:45 pm GROUP ROUNDTABLE, Moderated by He (Helen) Huang, North Carolina State U./U. of North Carolina
    4:15 pm WORKGROUPS
    5:15 pm CLOSING SUMMARY​

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    For those that are interested but could not make the workshop, the slides of the presenters are available at: