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Test Parameters for Teenagers

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  • Test Parameters for Teenagers

    Dear Subscribers:
    My name is Kin Shung, Head of the Research and Doutrine Section in Sports Comission at Brazilian Air Force. Actually I am working on the update of the Physical Fitness parameters of the bi-annual Test of the Brazilian Air Force. We were using the tables and parameters described at Pollock & Wilmore (1993). But unfortunatelly, there are no reference values for teenagers populations (13-19 years). These parameters are used for the assessment of the cadets.
    Actually, our reference values are grossly adapted from adult tables. Our test consists on push-ups, curl-ups (military type, flexing the hips, or "sit-ups") and 12 minutes running (Cooper). The answer is: there are tables with reference values for teenager populations for these tests? Any book or literature recommendations? I am going to post a summary of the replies.
    Thanks a lot!
    Prof. Kin Shung, M.Sc.
    Comissão de Desportos da Aeronáutica
    Força Aérea Brasileira
    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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