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Import Delsys sEMG .csv and .c3d files into Datapac ?

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  • Import Delsys sEMG .csv and .c3d files into Datapac ?

    I am working with a multi-center group collecting sEMG data in movement. The collection has been conducted on a Delsys system. I have a Datapac 2K2 system and wanted to import the files to process them. However, I could not import these files since the software seems to accept only RUN tech files, Noraxon files and Common ASCII (?) files.
    Can anyone help?

    I tried to go online to the Run Technologies website but it seems defunct I also could not contact Rick Lambert who was the owner for help.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Import Delsys sEMG .csv and .c3d files into Datapac ?

    To the best of my knowledge Run Technologies closed on May 1st, 2009 and unfortunately it appears that Datapac is no longer supported. However Datapac can read C3D files so one option would be to write a program to convert your sEMG data into C3D files.

    C3D is a public domain format and is fully documented at - a free SDK that provides read-write-create-modify access to C3D files is available from which would allow you to create C3D files from the sEMG data if you can access the data stored in the sEMG format.

    Edmund Cramp


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      Re: Import Delsys sEMG .csv and .c3d files into Datapac ?

      Dear Mr Crump,
      Thank you for the information about Datapac. We will try to use v3D when processing the files.