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The mechanical properties of human cartilage

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  • The mechanical properties of human cartilage


    i try to prepare experimental setup for my dissertation thesis in Kocaeli University. I am getting ready to anatomical models for compression test. I have patient-custom-made pelvis model using rapid prototyping methods. I intend to add a material that represents acetabulum and femur cartilage soft tissue. I have a thermo set material list and its material mechanical properties such as hardness (shore A, D), tensile strength and elongation. So I need the mechanical properties of human femur and acetabulum cartilage but many papers or sources don’t have any information about these properties. Therefore i am checking with the community to see if anybody knows these information or shows a source and paper.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    İbrahim MUTLU


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    Re: The mechanical properties of human cartilage

    I am surprised that you have not been able to find mechanical properties of cartilage. It seems to be a rather large field. Perhaps this may help spur your research:

    Prof. Grodzinsky has done a lot with characterization of cartilage properties.


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      Re: The mechanical properties of human cartilage

      Be aware that cartilage is a complex material (i.e., transverse isotropic, viscoelastic, and nonlinear depending on the load level and direction) and the characterization of mechanical properties of biologic materials is not a trivial task. Therefore, the literature presents with a wide range of values for the same material, depending on the experimental procedure. Moreover, the constitutive equation used to render the results may also not be the same.