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Kinect Biomechanics Part 2

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  • Kinect Biomechanics Part 2

    Biomech-L community,

    As a follow up to our first blog article discussing the use of the Kinect in human motion analysis, we've published a second post which looks at the potential use of the Kinect as a body segment scanner.

    If you're interested in reading about our initial findings please read the post: CLICK HERE

    Members of our group will also be presenting at the BASES conference this year where they'll be eager to discuss the subject with anyone interested.

    I'd like to thank everyone for the positive responses we got from our first article, it seems to have got a lot of interest. For those wondering about possible software to use. We're currently working on a environment to analyse body segment angles, which will have future features added to it as time goes on. We hope to be releasing this in good time, although this is very much work done in personal time at the moment.


    Simon Choppin

    Centre for Sports Engineering Research