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Wireless motion analysis system for obtaining COM

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  • Wireless motion analysis system for obtaining COM

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am in the process of purchasing a wireless motion analysis system which would provide an accurate estimation of the center of mass (COM) during gait along with obtaining other gait parameters such as joint angles.
    I was wondering if any one has used a system to do the same? How many sensors would I need to get a maximum accuracy?
    I would also appreciate any literature directly relating to this.

    Some of the systems I was considering are:
    1) The Biosyn FAB Inertial Sensor System
    2) The Xsens MTw
    3) The Shimmer Kinematic development kit

    I have limited funding so a cost effective system will be preferred. The FAB system with 11 sensors will cost me approximately $20K with the foot insoles.

    If the system has the ability to be synchronized with EMG, force plates etc that will be a bonus. I do plan to purchase a wireless EMG equipment as well.

    I will post a summary of responses.

    Thank you.

    Tanvi Bhatt, PT, PhD,
    Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Dept.,
    University of Illinois at Chicago