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Canon DSLR camera external sync??

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  • Canon DSLR camera external sync??

    Hi all,

    Does anybody have experience setting up external digital communications with a standard model Canon camera to record something while performing biomechanical tests? The application I am looking for needs a digital trigger from the material test system (which I am able to generate on the digital i/o lines) to turn the video recording on the camera? I tried seeing if Canon has some s/w plugins for use with Matlab, etc. but did not have any luck as yet, so thought will see if anybody else had faced any similar issue like this earlier? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sasidhar U
    Biomedical Eng II
    VOI, Nashville, TN.

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    Re: Canon DSLR camera external sync??

    Hi Sasidhar,

    Here's a few ideas you may want to try.

    It should be relatively simple if you want to take snapshots:
    Option 1 - Try the CameraBox Toolbox for Matlab, available at
    Option 2 - Buy a 'wire' remote trigger for your Canon camera, cut off its cable, and use your I/O line to trigger the switch instead.

    I think video recording is more challenging:
    Option 1 - Write your own program using Canon SDK, read more on
    Option 2 - Buy a 'wireless' IR remote trigger that has a "2S" button, again, hack into the inner circuit and use your I/O line to trigger the 2S button.
    (the 2S button can trigger video recording on some Canon models, please check your user manual, I know it works on 550D/Rebel T2i)

    IR remote cost <$5 on ebay.

    Good luck with your project,

    Hin Chung Lau

    EngD Candidate, University of Strathclyde, UK.
    Research Fellow, Bond University, Australia.


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      Re: Canon DSLR camera external sync??

      Thanks Hin, I too started looking at the wireless remote options, Canon SDK is something new you mentioned. Let me take a look at that. Appreciate the help.


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        Re: Canon DSLR camera external sync??

        The camera is made of plastic and metal, and it feels sturdy, though certainly not like a tank as you would experience with the Canon G-series or mid-range SLR. The camera measures a .... You get to use any external flash with the PowerShot SX40 but only Canon branded flashes will sync seamlessly and automatically with the camera (otherwise, you'll have to manually adjust settings on the flash AND camera with a third-party flash). The maximum sync speed of the .