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problem with Ariel ACES

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  • problem with Ariel ACES

    We have an Ariel ACES (ariel computerized exercise system) isokinetic dynamometer that has developed a problem. We have tried to contact the manufacturer but have not heard back. It is about 10 years old and used in our biomechanics undergraduate labs. We think the stepper motor has failed (the lever arm is locked in one position and will not move). It appears to be communicating with the PC as we can hear the motor when advancing through various software commands. If anyone has some advice (before we start tearing it apart), it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: problem with Ariel ACES

    We have the latest edition of the Ariel ACES manufactured by Tullman Sports, Inc. in our Biomechanics Lab at the College at Brockport, which we acquired in Sept 2010. We use it extensively and have had no problems to date.

    The lever arm may be locked due to settings in the calibration program, and the stepper motor settings can be adjusted using this feature. Our step range is 400; our open setting is at 150, and our lock setting is at 350. If this does not solve the problem, I would suspect a mechanical explanation. We use silicon spray to lubricate the cylinder pistons and the ball joints, and recommended to us by Tullman. Alternatively, there is a pressure gauge for the pneumatic cylinder, which can be checked; although I would not expect this to be the problem.

    I would be happy to speak with you in person if it would be more helpful.

    Christopher D. Williams
    Associate Professor, Biomechanics Lab Director
    Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies, and Physical Education
    The College at Brockport, SUNY


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      Re: problem with Ariel ACES

      Actually, the latest edition is being built by my brother and he should be able to hopefully supply any parts you may need. Contact Ariel for more info. If he doesn't get back to you, PM me your contact info and what the problem is and I will forward it to them. The ACES machines are awesome and rarely break, so it is likely a minor problem.


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        Re: problem with Ariel ACES

        Hi Bradley,
        thanks for the post. here's my e-mail address:
        We have been in contact with Gideon, but I'd like to talk to your brother. Thanks very much.