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Literature update - how to get it

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  • Literature update - how to get it

    Hello All,

    For those who thought the literature update died, I'm happy to say it has not. I have been doing the literature updates all this time and posting them in the literature update forum, but you may not be getting the notifications. If you want to get the update, you have 2 options:

    1) Set your notification type for the literature update forum to "Daily updates by email." You will only get an email if anything is posted to the forum, so you should get one weekly. If you selected "weekly updates by email," it simply does not work (at this time) and you will not get anything in your email. If you selected "through my control panel only," then you must visit the biomch-L website.

    To change your notification type, you will need to sign in and click on the green circle with a check mark, assuming you are subscribed to the forum and change the notification type.

    2) Use the RSS option and add it to your favorite RSS reader (ex. google reader). This is nice because you can view the entirety of the literature update post in your reader and then simply click on the DOI to go to the article. You won't have to go to biomch-L website to view the update. You can do this for every biomch-L forum. I find it very convenient.

    To add the literature update to your RSS reader, just click on the orange RSS rectangle icon or subscribe to the RSS feed by adding the following link to your RSS reader.

    I hope people still find the literature update useful resource.


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    Re: Literature update - how to get it


    Thanks for reminding people about the Literature Updates. I still have not heard back from our technical people about the bug in the weekly e-mail updates, but we will keep you posted.

    The e-mail updates and RSS feed are both great ways to receive information from Biomch-L, but be aware that there is a delay because the system only sends information at certain times of the day. I receive the RSS feed by e-mail (through and also with Google Reader. The Google Reader gadget puts Biomch-L right on my iGoogle home page. This is also a good way to read Biomch-L on a mobile phone, see attached image.

    The literature review is still very much appreciated! I never skip reading it, and was wondering what happened to last week's update. If the "views" count on the website seems low (it is in the 400-500 range), this may be because many Biomch-L members use RSS instead of the website to read the content.

    Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator