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Public biomechanics data repository?

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  • Public biomechanics data repository?

    Hey There,

    I would like to post raw and final data and analysis programs to a study I just completed to some sort of public repository. Are there any commonly used biomechanics ones?

    Thank you for any help,
    Rich Ellis

    Locomotion Lab
    University of Colorado Boulder

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    Re: Public biomechanics data repository? hosts a number of neuromuscular biomechanics projects, including software, models, and simulation results. OpenSim is hosted there. You can check out the list of other biomechanics-related projects by going to the search page and restricting your search results to "Neuromuscular Biomechanics."

    There's also a special subset of projects called "Publication Projects" to share data and tools to replicate publication results.



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      Re: Public biomechanics data repository?

      There are several places that have collections of biomechanical data. However I wouldn't describe any of them as 'repositories'. That's because they don't really seem to have proper curation infrastructure or any feeling that the data will still be available in 50 years time. However there are some places that do offer to archive generic digital data. Data Dryad comes to mind but I'm sure there are others out there too. Data Dryad is nice because it is citable with each data collection you submit having a proper Digital Object Identifier, and you can link the data to specific publications. I notice that some journals and funding bodies are starting to require data archiving so I think there is an opportunity here. The down side of these repositories is I'm not sure how well known they are (clearly not very) and I don't think they get indexed by Google yet (but that will happen I'm sure).

      Dr. Bill Sellers
      Faculty of Life Sciences
      The University of Manchester, Manchester , UK


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        Re: Public biomechanics data repository?

        Hi Rich,
        you might also want to check and You can find there a digital library explicitly designed to store and share biomedical data and models.
        Hope this helps.