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UK biomechanical assessment/rehab work/courses

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  • UK biomechanical assessment/rehab work/courses

    Hi All,

    I am interested in which courses are either respected or recognised in the area of biomechanical assessments and corrective exercise.

    Following the UK governmental decision not to add any more job titles to the current list of protected titles there is a lack of clarity as to what is a respected career choice and what is potentially an expensive course which will not be respected and therefore have limited potential for income and experience.

    I would suggest the most respected title is physiotherapist, followed by osteopaths and chiropractors. However, there are also newer and somewhat more controversial titles such as sports therapist, sports rehabilitator, osteomyologist, biomechanical coach etc.

    Some of these titles are associated with societies, such as the society of sports therapists and BASRaT, which claim to still be fighting for the job title to become protected - the HPC has in fact backed the bid for protection of sports therapist. However, as previously mentioned, the government has released a statement saying they will not add more job titles to the protected list.

    Anecdotal research on my part to date indicates that Dr's and physio's do not trust sports therapists and are still currently dubious about many of the other titles. What I would like to ask this community is this:

    Do you feel that training in sports therapy/sports rehabilitation (BASRaT)/osteomyolgy/biomechanical coaching provides an adequate background to work with people with dysfunctional movements are/or injuries?

    I appreciate any and all feedback and thoughts
    Many thanks