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Matlab code for c3d processing

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  • Matlab code for c3d processing

    Dear all,

    I have only one Nexus license to collect and process data but, my students need to process a lot of data and one license is insufficient.

    So, I'm looking for matlab code to process plug-in-gait or coventional gait model - Davis, HH, etc.

    Is it possible to label, edit event (gait cycle) and process the kinematic and kinetic model into Matlab?


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    Re: Matlab code for c3d processing

    Have a look at
    There are toolboxes that allow you to import c3d files into MatLab.



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      Re: Matlab code for c3d processing

      Nexus is generally sold with 3 licenses (unless something ahs changed in the last few months). Make sure you've maxed out your usage. Its processing abilities can be limited and having a Matlab solution like C3dSever can be valuable. I'll through a plug in for this product before Edmund gets on here

      A side note, MLS provides the best pens in the field when it comes to conference goodies...



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        Re: Matlab code for c3d processing


        You could also be interested in Biomechanical tool-kit (, which allow to analyse and modify the complete acquisition files into matlab.
        You just have to install a matlab tool-box and you have new matlab function that you can use directly into matlab that can get (and modify) the kinematics, dynamics, markers positions,event etc...(In summary all the information that you can found in your acquisition files). This should allow you (and your student) to process all your data in matlab.



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          Re: Matlab code for c3d processing

          Hi Paulo,

          There are a couple of MATLAB compatible tools that will do what you need - both of them can be distributed to all of the students without any license hassles.

          Motion Labs supports the C3Dserver which is a DLL that allows any Windows based computers to access C3D files and this works well with MATLAB. The C3Dserver is available as a free version which is fully functional but doesn't run as fast as the licensed version which can be purchased for $495 - the licensed version runs very fast and is site licensed so if you do choose to buy a license you can distribute the faster licensed version to all your students.

          There is also the Biomechanics Tool kit which supports C3D and has the advantage that it's available in both Windows and Linux versions - I think that it runs about as fast as the demo version or the C3Dserver.

          You can also download and distribute the documentation for the C3D File format from the C3D web site.


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            Re: Matlab code for c3d processing

            There are several scripts posted on that have been used to process C3D data in Matlab.

            - Tim Dorn has created a nice C3D toolbox with a user manual:
            - You can also find useful Matlab tools here: In particular check out the "matlab_preprocessing" zip file at the bottom of the page.

            Hope that helps.

            Samuel Hamner, PhD