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RepeatedMeasures - software for running experiment in Matlab released

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  • RepeatedMeasures - software for running experiment in Matlab released

    The open source Matlab software "RepeatedMeasures" has been released. RepeatedMeasures is designed for running behavioural experiments that
    require the repeated presentation of stimuli and recording of respones, e.g. in psychophysics and motor control research. Using this software, the experimenter
    describes, for each trial, the stimuli to present and how each trial is to be run: how to start the trial (e.g., using a keyboard, automatically, button press), when
    does the trial end, what feedback to present (e.g. correct target) as well as the device or devices which will record the responses. The benefit of this approach
    is that it allows experiments to be easily described (as matlab structures or xml files), modified and shared between researchers. The software is written so that
    it is easily extensible, to allow adding new recording devices, stimuli or response types. The software comes with a set of sample experiments and data which can
    be used as a starting point.

    The software can be downloaded from Github:

    On the website there is also a tutorial describing how to use the software.

    Currently, the software supports recording on the following devices:
    - keyboard
    - mouse
    - button box connected to Measurement computing DAQ card
    - Polhemus liberty
    - Polhemus optotrak
    - Northern Digital Optotrak Certus
    - CyberGlove

    Feedback and comments are welcome.

    Jason Friedman
    Dept. Physical Therapy
    Tel Aviv University
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