Mokka 0.6 has just been released and offers more than 30 new features!

Mokka (Motion Kinematics & Kinetics Analyzer) is an open-source, free and cross-platform software to give you the possibility to explore your biomechanical data in several ways and directly from the files saved by your motion capture system (C3D, TRB, TRC, ANB, ANC, MDF, XMOVE, TDF, RIC, EMG, ANG, MOM, ...).

The most important are features:
- display data by cyles (see tutorial in the help for more information -
- tools to process analog signal (butterworth filter, rectifying, smoothing, etc.) -
- new category "Virtual markers" (e.g. to see markers used by Vicon to create reference frame)
- automatic update (notify update, download and install)
- visualize distance, angle between markers.
- new export functions (ASCII, images, STL files)

Most of these features were proposed using UserVoice, or from feedbacks received during congresses.
The full changelog of Mokka is available here:

You can download binaries for MacOS X and Microsoft Windows in both architectures (32/64-bit) by visiting this url:

Useful links:
Website: Mokka -
Forum: BTK Users -
Twitter: @btkwww -