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Best parameter if pression data for comfort

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  • Best parameter if pression data for comfort


    I'm currently study the pressure on the saddle during 1m30 of cycling, with different pads (foam on the cycling short). Power, cadency, position...all influent parameters are controlled.

    I'm looking for the best parameters which is the most relevant. At the beginning, I thank to the mean pressure of the entire saddle, and the local area (fore/rear saddle, left/right). But some other parameters could be better: the amplitude (difference max/min during a cycle), the integral (area behind the plot) during a cycle...

    The litterature concerning research for cycling pads are poor. I found only one article form Marcolin et al (2010). other field could be interesting like wheelchair, but those that I found analyse only mean strengh or mean pressure. But I think we can miss something with theese parameter.

    So would like to know different view and opinion on the topic, in order to help me to choose the right(s) parameter(s).

    Thank you.


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    Re: Best parameter if pression data for comfort

    Hi, Romain

    As a person in the field of rehabilitation, I would recommend you collect subjective data or opinions for some people if you measure human subjects and have not finished the measurement. It would help solidify the idea of why people feel comfortable with the pad.
    Visual analog scale or numeric rating scale can be used for quantification (though they're subjective), and asking participants what the difference between your pads would also help.
    Then you can think what parameter reflects comfort best.

    Best regards,
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      Re: Best parameter if pression data for comfort

      Hi, Yusuke,

      Thank you for your advices. I'm agree with you concerning the subjective measurement. Of course, even if you have the best objective, theorical results on your product, if the subjects doesn't like it, he doesn't like it and it's all.

      That's why, and it is a forget on my first post, I measure also perceptive data in addition of the pressure data. I use numeric rating scale.

      Thank you for your advice again,

      Best regards,