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    I'm an undergraduate student from Denmark, Europe, who's looking for a university in the UK. I want to take a master and maybe ph.d. in biomechanics with focus on human movement (measure forces with impacts on human body and develop strategies that optimize an athlete (human performance) or prevent injuries (clinical)).

    I have looked at Loughborough University, Liverpool John Moores University, and University of Chichester, but with my interest in biomechanics I wonder, which one will be the best choice? Or maybe another University?

    Thank you,


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    Re: Recommended UK Universities

    Hi Chris,
    have a look at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow


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      Re: Recommended UK Universities

      Hi Chris, please email me directly on to discuss your specific requirements and wishes, and I can give you more information of what is available for you here at the University of Chichester. Regards, Neal Smith.


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        Re: Recommended UK Universities

        Hi Chris,
        I am a lecturer in sport and exercise biomechanics at the University of Hull in England. You may want to check out my profile and the website of the Department of Sport, Health and Exercise at Hull University.


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          Re: Recommended UK Universities

          Hi Chris

          Rather than promoting a single own department, I will try to (sort of) answer your actual question. The Universities in the UK are going through a national research assessment exercise every 6 to 8 years. The last such assessment was in 2008. The results for 'Sports-Related Studies' are available at

          Okay, the results are not the easiest to read as it gives the percentage of research activity in each University reaching 5 different categories (4* category is the best). Times Higher Education has compiled the results together and calculated a score for each University based on the above ratings. This is available at

          The link should open a pdf-file, in which on page 11 are 'Sports-related studies'. The highest scoring Universities in this subject area were
          Liverpool John Moores
          Leeds Metropolitan

          Unfortunately, as in any such ranking table there are also shortfalls, as things have developed differently in different Universities since 2008. One of the major shortfall from your point of view is that 'Sports-related studies' include physical activity & health, exercise, sport & leisure studies as well as sport science in this type of assessment. In fact, due to funding and other issues, there are not many places who actually carry out research with athletes (and optimising athletes performance), which seems to be your keen interest. The net is then a little bit wider with clinical research.

          Hope the above gave at least some pointers in your search
          Aki Salo