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pneumotach analog connection

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  • pneumotach analog connection

    I am a beginner in NEXUS. I want to connect my pneumotach to NEXUS. I have done this in WORKSTATION but for some reason I can not tell if I have a signal in NEXUS. Can someone tell me how to do this? So far I have hooked it up. I have added a general Analog signal. However, when I breathe through the pneumotach I can not see a wave. If I do, I think there is a delay, but I think it is noise and not my signal. It measures the signal as flow through the pressure transducer to produce resistance (I am not sure about this, but I think that is what it is doing). I appreciate any help available.

    SOLUTION: After add general analog, I chose add electric potential, then I added one component. Now I have a sub-node and I can choose my channel which is called PIN in NEXUS. That's when it is visible.
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