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Making the most of Biomch-L: The Literature Update

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  • Making the most of Biomch-L: The Literature Update

    Dear Colleagues,

    The Biomch-L Literature Update has long served as a valuable resource for the biomechanics community. We would like ensure that this weekly synopsis of the latest biomechanics-related publications is reaching all of the interested members of the General Discussion Forum.

    If you are not receiving weekly postings from the Literature Update Forum, please check your email subscription settings. To receive the Literature Update by email, you must both subscribe to the forum and select daily or weekly notifications by email. Note also that you can use the “view this forum’s RSS feed” button and an RSS reader to receive the updates each week.

    Best Regards,

    Jason R. Franz
    Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory
    University of Wisconsin - Madison

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    Re: Making the most of Biomch-L: The Literature Update


    Someone has since asked me for step-by-step instructions:

    Log in using your username and password and then click “Forum” (top left of the screen). Across from the literature update, you will either see a green check (subscribed) or a black minus (not subscribed).

    If not subscribed, click the black minus and then select your notification preference. Then click “Add Subscription”

    If subscribed, but not receiving email updates, first click the green check to unsubscribe. Then follow the instructions above to subscribe again and select your notification preference.



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      @jason, the group shows "This forum only accepts contributions from people in the Literature Update usergroup. These people also have moderator priviliges in this forum.", and it won't allow me to subscribe, showing a message "You are not authorized to view this page" when I press the link "+Subscribe".


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        Same problem for me...


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          I have no problem clicking the "+ Subscribe" button on the Literature Update page, but noticed that I stopped receiving my weekly Literature Update emails in April/May. To fix this, I had to go into my account settings and adjust my email preferences (User Settings > Notifications > Email Notifications > "On, Weekly"). For some reason they were switched to "Off, through Message Center only".