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EMG data of Walking request

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  • EMG data of Walking request

    I was wondering if any researcher here can share data of EMG channels for human lower body while walking?
    After searching the forum I see that Dr D. Winter book of biomechanics contains such data but it is in the first edition. I have the 4th edition now and doesn't contain the EMG data and I can't get the 1st-2nd editions. So I was wondering if any has these data as a file, it would be great if he/she share it. Any help would be great and I appreciate it.

    Thank you all

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    Re: EMG data of Walking request

    A number of data files containing EMG data are available for download from - these are stored in C3D, DST and CSV formats. This directory holds sample data files in a number of different formats that contain unprocessed raw EMG data from a normal North American teenage male. Each file contains the following information:

    Channel 1 - Left Footswitch
    Channel 2 - Right Foot switch
    Channel 3 - Rectus Femoris
    Channel 4 - Vastus Medialis
    Channel 5 - Vastus Lateralis
    Channel 6 - Medial Hamstrings
    Channel 7 - Lateral Hamstrings
    Channel 8 - Adductors
    Channel 9 - Tibialis Anterior
    Channel 10 - Gastrocnemius
    Channel 11 - Gluteus Medialis
    Channel 12 - Gluteus Maximus

    All analog channels are recorded at 800 samples per second. Other channels in the data files contain force plate information, limb marker coordinates etc. All files contain identical analog channel data.

    The file sets consist of C3D (binary) files, as well as DST (ASCII) and CSV (ASCII comma separated value) files that have been created from the C3D file data. The CSV format can be read by many applications such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office etc. The C3D data contains both analog EMG data and 3D marker locations recording during the trials - all the information for basic gait analysis.


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      Re: EMG data of Walking request

      There are 25 trials of lower extremity EMG data which was synchronized with kinematic gait data available online here, The muscles instrumented for EMG were: Right/Left Vastus Intermedius, Right/Left Lateral Hamstring, Right/Left Medial Gastrocnemius, and Right/Left Tibialis Anterior. There are 3 sample files (titled "Gait_Walk1,""Gait_Walk2," and "Gait_Walk3") which can be downloaded at no-cost and viewed & analyzed with The MotionMonitor Scholastic Edition and exported in a variety of formats.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the download or analysis within The MotionMonitor.

      Meredith Evans
      Innovative Sports Training, Inc


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        Re: EMG data of Walking request

        Thank you very much Dr Cramp.
        I'm downloading them.


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          Re: EMG data of Walking request

          Thanks Meredith for your reply,
          I checked the website but couldn't found the data. As I understand from your reply that I have to have the software to download the data? I registered in the website and downloaded "The MotionMonitor" software but it asks for evaluation number.


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            Re: EMG data of Walking request

            Hi Alaa,

            I sent you an email, I can help you navigate our site offline if you have questions. You do need The MotionMonitor Scholastic to view the data set, however there is a free trial software download you can access. Our website will allow you to generate a release key for this purpose at no cost. If you have not receive my message for some reason, please contact me at

            Look forward to talking with you soon,
            Innovative Sports Training, Inc.