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GaitSym 2013 release and new chimpanzee model

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  • GaitSym 2013 release and new chimpanzee model

    Dear All,

    We've just finished a new 3D quadrupedal chimpanzee model that might be of interest to some of the comparative biomechanics folk out there. It uses some new features in GaitSym so we've also released an update for that (GaitSym 2013). The models and software can all be downloaded from as normal. It's open source (GNU licensed) and binaries are available for MacOSX and Windows, and it should compile under Linux using the Qt toolkit. We've also included the raw CT data for the chimpanzee since that's always helpful. All models and data are freely usable as long as the source is cited.

    We've done quite a lot of work on the muscle model. It can now wrap around two parallel cylinders to help get sensible paths for two-joint muscles, and we have implemented tendon damping, activation kinetics, and non-linear spring responses.

    In the pipeline is a sauropod dinosaur and a new human model - hopefully both by the end of the year.

    Dr. Bill Sellers
    Faculty of Life Sciences, The University of Manchester
    Michael Smith Building, Oxford Road
    Manchester M13 9PT, UK.