Hello All,

I am doing an inquiry on methodologies of commercial and lab setting gait analyses that will be used in providing the groundwork for a kinematic lab (no force platforms) evaluating non-pathological running on treadmills, and would greatly appreciate any professional opinions on the matter.

Considering that the lab lasts less than three hours, I am looking into simple marker system designs (i.e. containing around seven markers proximal to the calcaneal region) that can be picked up by several cameras oriented (orthogonally and/or non-orthogonally) in sagittal and frontal planes. I am considering applying marker arrays onto rigid planes but it looks like they would need to be applied as sleeves or wands given the short prep time. Applying skin-mounted markers on specific anatomical landmarks on the segment and/or marker sleeves seem most practical but I am open to any insights or suggestions (i.e. something less sophisticated than the Vaughan marker set). This project is still far from completion, so software programs, camera orientations, and just about everything other than the treadmill we are using is in planning and open to suggestions.

Thank you for your time,