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Measuring muscle thickness through ultrasound imaging

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  • Measuring muscle thickness through ultrasound imaging

    Hello, I am a current graduate student in the Exercise and Sport Injury Laboratory at the University of Virginia. I am writing to get general feedback on ways to measure muscle thickness via ultrasound imaging. We primarily focus on measuring muscle thickness of the transversus abdominis, lumbar multifidus, and anterior thigh. Recently, we have been looking at potential factors that influence muscle thickness that could increase measurement error or potential bias.

    We are curious if people use a singular measure at the thickest point of the muscle where the fascial borders are the clearest, multiple measurements, or additional methods in measuring a single muscle. We are also seeking input on how people measure muscle thickness between superficial and deeper muscles. Do you take measurements for both muscles at a single location across the image (i.e. measure the muscle thickness at 2.5 cm from the edge of the screen for all muscles), or difference measures at different locations for each individuals muscle (superficial muscle thickest point 2 cm from edge of screen, while deeper muscle thickest point 3.5 cm from edge of screen)? Thank you for you comments and suggestions.